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2 de Noviembre de 2020 Lucas Bornico

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2 de Noviembre de 2020 Lucas Bornico

Top Tips for Home Renovations in Costa del Sol

8 de Julio de 2020 Lucas Bornico

Costa del Sol is one of the top global markets for holiday homes and luxury properties. Sellers should realise that they are competing with new developments, most of which are modern and come with the latest appliances, fixtures and specifications. There are many ways to improve your property to increase …

Protocolos de Seguridad Covid-19 de Golden Properties

9 de Mayo de 2020 Lucas Bornico

A la luz de la situación actual causada el coronavirus, tratamos implementar reglas al más allá de los requisitos mínimos para garantizar la seguridad de todos.

Todos los miembros de nuestro equipo recientemente han realizado las pruebas del Covid-19. En la fecha de esta guía, algunos de nuestros agentes dieron …

Golden Properties´ Covid-19 Safety Protocols

8 de Mayo de 2020 Lucas Bornico

We seek to implement rules beyond the minimum requirements to ensure everyone´s safety. 

All of our team members have tested for Covid-19 recently. On the date of this guide, some of our agents have tested positive for antibodies (and are no longer transmitting the virus) whilst others have tested negative. …

Guide to Costs & Taxes When Selling a Property in Spain

7 de Mayo de 2020 Lucas Bornico


This guide sets out a summary of all the taxes and costs involved when selling a property in Spain.

1. Plusvalia

The main tax applicable to property sales in Spain is the plusvalia municipal sales tax, also formally known as the “tax on the increase of value of urban …

Buying Process for Properties in Costa del Sol

3 de Abril de 2020 Lucas Bornico

This is a quick guide explaining the standard buying process in Costa del Sol, as well as Spain in general.

1. Choose wisely

Spain has very low “maintenance” taxes that apply after the purchase, such as council tax or non-resident owners tax. However, the bulk of the costs apply on …

What are the Costs & Taxes When Buying a Property in Costa del Sol?

27 de Marzo de 2020 Lucas Bornico

One of the most common questions from buyers is: What is the cost of buying a property in Spain? This guide gives you a complete list in order to plan your budget and think ahead.

Please note that Spain has numerous regions with distinct rules and taxes. This guide refers …

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